Government to blame for bad decisions

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CJ Napier’s recent letter regarding Everyone has the right to free speech is absolutely correct to challenge the demand for gagging former SAFC player James McLean’s views.

Knee-jerk reactions by the print and broadcast media elicit reactions from those who, strangely, see McLean’s views as ‘treacherous’.

That the fine city of Derry, where McLean was born and raised, suffered at the hands of British troops is well-known all over the world.

Those soldiers, sent in to do the job of the police, should never have been deployed in such a role.

Were it not for the reliance of the Westminster Tory government(s) on Unionist politicians perhaps it would not have occurred.

Labour governments had opportunities to reverse bad decisions but chose to turn their collective faces the other way.

McLean is a brave and principled man who should be congratulated for standing by his beliefs.

Bob Stothard