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While Steven Masters (March 31) is busy making his mind up about whom to vote for in the forthcoming local election, he might like to pass on any of his thoughts to the Hendon residents where Labour’s Coun Michael Mordey is fighting to hold his seat in May.

This is the same Michael Mordey who jumped ship from St Michael’s ward when defeated and did not stay to fight for Labour, instead moving to contest Hendon

Another example is St Chad’s Coun Stuart Porthouse, who in the past unsuccessfully contested the-then Thornholme ward. Coun Porthouse, of course, is not seeking re-election.

Councillor Porthouse’s ward colleague Councillor Gillian Galbraith lost an election in Hendon. Councillor Galbraith did not stay to fight again for her ‘loyal’ supporters there.

Millfield Labour Councillor Bob Price deserted his loyal voters in Fulwell to seek the safe seat in Millfield ward.

The current Conservative candidate in St Chad’s, Dominic McDonough, is a very good hard working candidate and if elected would be as visible and readily accessible as previous Conservative councillors.

There are many reasons why councillors/candidates may change wards but I would offer my thanks to Steven Master for opening up this issue.

Alan Wright