Good luck to all quitters

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May I offer my support and good wishes to all you good people deciding to quit smoking this year.

Remember it’s the first one in the morning that does the most damage. If you can do without this one you are on your way to success.

You have gone eight hours already without pollution in your lungs, so you have a good start on your great and wonderful journey of withdrawal.

You will taste and smell better. Be more and more calm and content. Be far richer. Most of all you will feel very proud of yourself and those around you will benefit and be proud of your great and brave achievement.

You will feel you are losing a friend but really the old fag is your greatest enemy.

Happy smoke free New Year to each and everyone of you who make this 2016 commitment.

Jimmy Chambers,

RNIB Fundraiser

PS After years of campaigning, the RNIB has at last had consent to print on cigarette packets ‘Smoking causes blindness’.