Give young players a go

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Another manager, but same old players. I hoped with Allardyce coming he would have advice on the “squad” from Bracewell and Stockdale. This cannot have happened or no way would Coates, Kabool, O’Shea and Brown along with Jones, Van Aarnholt, Rodwell be allowed onto a football pitch let alone play in the Premier League.

We have the best under-21 side in the North, surely, we must play their defence along with Gooch and Whatmore.

Surely with his reputation on the line, big Sam has to get rid of the so-called senior players and give better young players their chance.

When is Congerton going, because if it’s left to him and Byrne we will be saddled with more fourth rate rubbish come January. SAFC is a joke – our club is ruined.

We need a clean sweep of the so-called first team and start again with youth.

Richy Mackem