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Councillor George Howe on January 22 asked where is the former “steel” of his (David Cameron) promises that should Britain not get his proposed reforms, we will get of the EU?

Well, it is probably in a skip marked rubbish, along with his conscience, back-bone, indignation, patriotism and common sense.

Last October the EU demanded £1.7billion in payments backdated 20 years.

Mr Cameron got all hot under the collar about it, stating that it was unacceptable and we were not going to pay it, but guess what, Germany got a rebate of £615million and France £800million.

How many businesses have folded in this country and how many have lost their jobs in these supposed austere times? Yet we had £1.7billions to just give away, to stay in the club (EU).

Someone once said “there is nothing easier than spending other people’s money”.

Had he not paid we might have been kicked out of the EU, but then again spiders never eject or reject anything from their web, even another spider.

How could Mr Cameron inflict this “fine” on his fellow countrymen?

R Tomlinson,