Get rid of the Tories at the next General Election

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The Tories have called a General Election on June 8.

Let us not forget what the Tories have done since they have been in power – closure of hospitals, emergency wards, doctors’ surgeries, walk in centres, maternity wards, the freezing of NHS staff wages but at the same time giving MPs an 11% pay rise, the closing of libraries, schools, museums.

There is also the massive attack on the disabled, the unemployed and poorest workers in this country with their benefits being cut to the bone.

Care for the elderly is becoming non-existent and carers morale is at an all-time low.

Forget about Brexit, we have to get rid of the Tories or there will be more massive cuts to come.

They have already said they will start hitting the pensioners with cuts to their pensions. No doubt bus passes, free TV licence and the fuel allowance will be hit come June 8.

We must vote these millionaires out of power or we will pay a terrible price.

Vote for who you want but, please, get rid of the Tories

Alan Brown