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The British people have decided to leave the EU, a brave, revolutionary decision, our declaration of independence. Now let’s get on with getting out.

We the people have to make a success of independence and seize the opportunities opening up. How do we make leave happen? Here are some ideas.

Stop giving money away to the EU. Between April and September 2016 we gave the EU £3.6billion net, eight per cent more than we gave it in the same months in 2015.

Rebuild Britain – our whole nation of Britain – England, Scotland and Wales. We need a new industrial revolution – design, make and trade.

Cherish our manufacturing industries and public services. Create a National Industrial Investment Bank to invest in growth. Strengthen links within Britain. Reunify our country through industry. Use our own products, steel for example, wherever we can.

Stop EU laws and directives that override our interests.

Control our borders from now on. All who live and work here and see their future here are part of our class. Stop selling houses to foreign oligarchs.

Invest in the skills of all our people, educate our own people, stop poaching from poorer countries, write off student debts, invest in research.

Leave the single market.

We can sell to customers across Europe without being part of a banking, fiscal and economic union, without having to give billions to the EU, without having to accept every EU citizen who wants to enter Britain.

No to deals like TTIP, which are corporate protection rackets not trade agreements. We don’t need these deals in order to trade. Trade with people, not aid to corrupt dictators.

Control our own fishing grounds.

We voted to make our own decisions. Now we have to take responsibility for building an independent Britain.

To do this, we need to discuss the way forward at work and everywhere we are.

Take control.

William Podmore