Gentoo reaction to Lakeside Towers was correct

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I read with interest the letter from Mr Braithwaite on the Grenfell tragedy, letters July 19.

It seems Mr Braithwaite thinks it was some kind of achievement to get our MP to visit Lakeside Towers 28 days after the Grenfell fire.

Gentoo visited Lakeside Towers one day after the Grenfell Tower fire and talked to every resident who was at home that day or if out left information leaflets.

Two days following the fire, Gentoo contacted us, as officers of the Lakeside Neighbourhood Watch, and arranged to meet us to discuss the situation and assure residents of the safety of the Lakeside Towers.

This meeting was well covered by the Sunderland Echo, which published a detailed report the following day, three days after the Grenfell Tower fire.

We have lived in the towers for around 50 years without any fear as to our safety.

We think it should be a matter of record that Gentoo could not have reacted any better to this distressing event.

Mr Tony Kinnair & Mr George Brewis

Chairman & Secretary Lakeside Neighbourhood Watch