Future will be brighter out of EU

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Let’s hope the amateur dramatics of the re-moaners Messrs Sturgeon, Clegg, Blair and Hesletine etc will cease now that article 50 has finally been triggered to the European Union in Brussels – there is no further Referendums, the people have voted, full stop.

What was going to change had the vote gone the other way to stay in the EU. Nothing, except to carry on being bullied by EU laws that forbid us to deport terrorists, rapists and murderers that have managed to get into the UK on the back of the Freedom of Movement.

What have we got to gain by leaving the EU, try a few of these for starters: £350million pounds per week, currently paid to the EU, each and every week. Better access to World Wide markets, as opposed to the current single market. Putting a stop to European migrants and asylum seekers, who come here to claim housing, unemployment and child welfare benefits. We will have a better NHS (tried for a GP appointment lately) and how many times has your hospital appointment been cancelled recently?

The highly expensed 80-plus British Euro MPs returning to our shores, I never ever found out, what they actually did apart from having high salaries and first class travel, hotels and meals.

We will take back control of our borders once more.

The re-moaners and the rest have to accept that they have been defeated fairly and squarely in the Referendum.

It is time to move on and put the current negativity aside and plan for a more positive outlook for our families and the United Kingdom.

Tom Brown