Future proposals must be costed

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Unlike some I wasn’t surprised by Labour’s manifesto, packed with costed proposals for the future of this country taking it forward unlike the ideological driven Conservative party.

A country should be judged on how it treats its citizens, and this present government has done nothing but demonise and persecute the most vulnerable of society.

The civilised world regards Jeremy Corbyn’s policies as mainstream and his manifesto gives great hope to the people of this country.

Trying to grasp some attention Theresa May said her government would put £8billion extra into the NHS by 2020.

When asked how it would be costed, she said by future growth, my daughter asked me how does that work, so I said that it’s like promising to pay for your school trip to France, then hoping that horse you put all your wages on comes in.

Theresa May has really just made it up on the back of a betting slip.

Ged Taylor,