Future is not that bleak

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Richard Beck’s rather long tirade against the future prosperity of this country proves beyond doubt that Labour is good at conjuring worlds of their own imagining from the raw firmament and creating a false reality.

Richard should consider some actual facts. Employment is up in the North East by 74,000 since 2010. That’s 74,000 more people who are earning a regular wage and are better able to provide for their families. Unemployment is down in the North East by 35% since 2010. That’s fewer people out of work and more who now can get on in life and have the confidence to plan for the future. In 2016 there were 24,410 more small businesses in the North East compared to 2010 – providing more people with the safety and security of work. We are backing businesses and creating jobs.

Over one million more people have more money to take home each month because of cuts to their income tax. The typical taxpayer is better off by £905 and 56,000 people will have been taken out of income tax altogether by April 2017.

Some 38,210 apprenticeships have started in the North East in 2015/16 meaning thousands of young people can gain the skills they need to get on in life.

And 46,000 more children attend good or outstanding schools in the North East since 2010. In 2016/17, schools in the North East will receive over £140million Pupil Premium funding.

There are now 1,100 more hospital doctors looking after patients in the North East than under Labour, ensuring that people receive the care they deserve.

Yes, the referendum result will bring uncertain times but it also brings many opportunities for this great country.

Alan Wright