Fulwell ward must remain in Sunderland

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Just one of the latest mad cap ideas from the Party of Sunderland’s LibDems is to transfer Fulwell ward to the Parliamentary constituency of South Shields.

Believe it or not this was part of their official response at the recent Boundary Commission hearing.

Fulwell first came under the municipal control of the Sunderland Borough Council in about 1938 and has remained so ever since.

The effect of the LibDems proposal would mean that Fulwell ward would be part of Sunderland’s municipal structure whilst its Member of Parliament would be based in South Shields.

People of Fulwell rest assured that your Conservative councillors together with their local Conservative Association have put up a very strong argument to the Boundary Commission as to why Fulwell should remain where it is.

Bob Francis

George Howe

Fulwell Ward Conservative Councillors