Fulwell library a ‘true community venture’

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The correspondent on Saturday, August 12, was incorrect in their assumptions.

We in Fulwell Community Library fully supported paid librarians. We do not think any branch of public services enjoy bloated wages.

Our statement was that no one in Fulwell Community Library is paid for their efforts. This is not the case in some charities.

In the early days we will rely on donations to survive and we felt it fair to say that any money donated would not be frittered away in wages but used to run the library and any excess to fund books etc.

We are running as a Community Interest Company set up to fund the library and ensure it carries on. In an ideal world we would still have a paid library service.

We are dealing with the situation and are not the causes of it.

We looked at the scenario of being without a library and simply decided that we would do something about it.

We find the vast majority of visitors love the library and its facilities.

The writer thinks it unfortunate that we have volunteers who are funded by state pensions. That again is an assumption, not a fact.

I say thanks for them as they enable the library to function and be a benefit to local people.

The library is a true community venture and this person may find that out if they take the trouble to get involved instead of sniping and hiding behind anonymity and responding to perceived slights that were never intended in the first place.

Richard Beck,

Fulwell Community