Found park to be closed

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I haven’t written to the Echo for a long time but felt compelled after our hugely disappointing visit to see the lights in Mowbray Park the other Saturday night.

We arrived by bus with my excited three-year-old only to find the park was shut.

We arrived for 5.30pm, it had not been dark that long – yet another great feature of Sunderland and it’s council.

If the fear is safety of having it open beyond ‘teatime’ then pay for a few people from a security firm to patrol the area.

This would have been a lovely draw into Sunderland and then followed by an early evening dinner somewhere but as usual no draw for anyone to visit Sunderland and pump a bit of money into the local businesses.

Just stick with places outside of Sunderland if you want to enjoy something after dark – just unbelievable.

Tina and family