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When responding to a letter by Alan Wright (September 4), W Quinn avoids answering the current data Mr Wright put forward such as that by Jonathan Cribb, from the Institute for Fiscal Studies. 

Mr Cribb said the “child poverty figures appeared to have remained stable despite cuts to working age benefits because of the rise in employment. The date for 2013-14 includes figures suggesting the number of children living in relative property before housing costs were taken into account was 100,000 lower than the previous year.”

W Quinn also ignored the historical data from Sunderland City that showed child poverty increased under Labour between 2009-10.

Instead, W Quinn repeats his quote that a projection or guesstimate claims there will be another million children in poverty by 2020. This smacks of wishful thinking on his behalf.

Is he hoping this is right so he can score political points?

Peter O’Connor,