Few spoil it for majority

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Recently we enjoyed a great carnival in Washington with sensational wall-to-wall sunshine and smiles all around.

I had a table in one of the marquees to help a charity.

I must say I was amazed to see such a turnout of people and dogs on leads pass through in the six hours and yet hardly a speck of rubbish to be seen on the grass floor of the enormous marquee.

Normally, Albany Park is one of the worst areas in our town for litter.

Why is this so, we may ask?

It’s obviously a very small minority of offenders who go out of their way to make their half-wit friends laugh.

In Hong Kong they extract the DNA from strewn litter and feed it into a national computer to produce a photographic image of the offender who will most probably be jailed.

I look forward to such technology being introduced into our country, because Great Britain, which we are otherwise all very proud of, is at the moment a great big disgraceful mess.

Still the old solider.

Jimmy Chambers