Fastest count competition pathetic

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Can someone explain please why Sunderland strives to be first to return their Members of Parliament? Does it matter?

I find it embarrassingly pathetic that we have to win an imagined competition for the fastest count.

What is the advantage?

It cannot be a fair race as there are too many variables. Maybe it is a way of injecting some fun into a tedious process. I can see the attraction in that but not in the childish glee which accompanies the “victory”.

What happens if Sunderland is second? Does the Returning Officer throw himself off the bridge? That might be entertaining if a waste of a good officer.

More to the point: does it cost more money and who pays?

Does the bill land on the doorsteps of the good people of Sunderland?

If so, how can that be justified?

Can the count be done more cheaply if a little less quickly? If we declare LAST of all constituencies, what difference will it make?

The MP will still be the MP, just a little later.

Can someone please explain?

Israel Wright,