Face to face best means of communication

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I have had problems with HMRC for two years running.

What is the easiest and most effective means of communicating with HMRC?

For two consequent years I have contacted my MP to ask if she will intercede with HMRC on my behalf.

You might say write a letter but HMRC ignores some of my letters and completed forms. You can be lucky and get a reply but it takes months in which time you think they are not going to answer.

I don’t have a telephone but even if I did I wouldn’t dare contact them by that method.

I listen to You and Yours (Radio 4 weekdays 12.15pm) where listeners say HMRC takes ages to answer the phone.

Can you contact HMRC by email? If so what is the email address? I can use email at the public library but does HMRC answer emails?

I wish HMRC would bring back face to face contact. That is such a good means of communication. Years ago you could walk into one of the Inland Revenue offices and speak to a human being.

The civil service used to serve you there and then.

John Watson