Everyone deserves a fair say in the Brexit referendum

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Well done, Bradley Lamb, for telling the truth in your letter to the Echo.

Immigration was indeed a non issue in this country, a country that has relied on the commitment of people from diverse race and background since it’s birth.

People of many races and religions, who helped us fight, and then face the trauma created by two world wars. People of many races and religions who man and fight for the NHS, and other organisations that need our support.

However, because of the constant barrage of criticism of Europe by right wing and ultra right wing individuals the issue became one to be addressed.

Immigration became an issue, during the European debate, addressed completely unfairly by those determined that it be an issue.

The Conservatives, under David Cameron, were so afraid the influence of UKIP within it’s ranks could split the party. An influence that, thankfully, is now totally spent.

However, in cowardice, a referendum was called.

The result meaning that, as a country, we have to face up to the reality that we have now turned inward and are divorcing ourselves from our greatest allies.

A country that has become an example of how not to progress into the future.

A country that has abandoned it’s youth to a future of living in the past.

A country that no longer has a place at the head of the table, but will need to shout to be heard.

A country that has taken a step back toward a history it should regret.

The Conservative Party, I am sure, will use this period of political turmoil to turn back the clock and threaten rights already won by workers. This is evident already in their, I believe, misuse of Parliament to strengthen their power.

As a Labour Party member, I feel it is my duty to try to ensure that all the people who cast their vote in the referendum, are given a fair and equitable say in how we travel toward the unknown future that is Brexit.

As a Briton, I am proud to say I wish to remain tied to the friendship and importance of being European.

Arthur Oxley