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Well, what a comedy of errors the opening night of the Sunderland Illuminations were.

Firstly, no one must have realised there was an evening home match on so the roads were jam packed with vehicles.

Some organiser must have located the park and ride busses north of the river, so they couldn’t get over the river to the pick up point at St Mary’s. The first bus to arrive was 45 minutes late.

Secondly, there was only one drop off and pick up point near Seaburn Morrisons, which for older people and toddlers was way too far from Roker Park.

Thirdly, I was told the firework display would take place on Roker Pier. That is a good mile away from the drop off point.

Fourthly, I couldn’t see any information where the stage was online and assumed (as did hundreds of others) it was in the park, and so hundreds of people missed it.

Fifthly, when 8pm arrived and the so called ‘spectacular firework display’ started, it only lasted for about a minute when we were expecting it to last a good 10 minutes.

What a flop it was. I hope lessons are learnt.

Barry Fisher