EU is at root of this loss

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Mr Cameron says leaving the EU will cost UK jobs, which means the opposite because he is no stranger to factual inexactitudes – and if proof were needed just check the state of UK steel.

Two hundred years of steel making and more than 2,000 jobs gone from Redcar with more to go in Wales does not help the In vote.

EU energy and green tariffs imposed on the UK rendered our steel uncompetitive. EU regulations even prevented us from producing steel for UK use or providing Government subsidies, all of which have compounded the tragedy.

Even with the entire UK steel industry at stake, this Government does not have the will or where with all to protect our interests and in true Cameron style, he fobs us off with “ we can’t afford to subsidise or nationalise the failing steel industry”. This at a time when £12billion has been spent on foreign aid.

In reality, we can’t afford not to. Clearly China, aware of EU policy, is dumping steel and putting tariffs on imports to see off world wide competition, while Mr Cameron and the EU dither.

Redcar steel has gone to the wall, not because China is dumping steel but because Mr Cameron and The EU are not fit for purpose. Jobs are being lost by their thousands.

There will always be a demand for steel and China will not dump it indefinitely. We must retain the capacity to produce steel and prevent the ruin of entire communities, merely because there is a dip in the market.

I think the EU is incapable of delivering a satisfactory one-size fits all strategy for 28 widely differing nations.

Denis Gillon