Egret sighting not proof of global warming

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According to Ged Taylor the sighting of a little egret in Boldon is definitely proof of global warming, really?

The earth has warmed up and cooled down for millions of years, long before car exhausts, fridges and even mankind were on it. It’s a total myth that man made emissions such as carbon dioxide cause high temperatures, in fact, it’s the other way round, and high CO2 levels today are a consequence of much higher temperatures of up to a thousand years ago.

Temperature readings are often distorted due to the fact the vast majority of weather stations are situated in cities, and in or around airports where the urban heat island effect is about two degrees higher due to sunlight being reflected from runways, roads and buildings.

Global warming is a convenient myth for people such as Ged, governments wanting to raise money via green taxes and so-called green billionaire businesses pushing their electric cars, renewable energy and solar/wind power farms.

You only have to check recent Forbes rich lists for proof of this.

David Brookes