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I wonder, if the writer of the letter regarding buses are too dirty for me (September 15) went to school during the 1980s, when drivers went into schools in Sunderland.

The idea was based on one driver’s idea, but helped by Matty Morrison and others, to teach children why they should not damage buses, and throw rubbish on the floors of the bus.

​Imagine if you threw a can on the bus floor, and someone fell over it, it could be your relation. Damage to a bus could lead to it being taken off the road, to repair.

It must have worked, due to the fact that buses were not damaged after our talks.

It’s not the driver who throws paper onto the floor, or damages the buses, again, we see it done, but what can we do, report it?

At the time we did a quiz for schoolchildren, and the winners were taken on the Metro, and other places –they loved it. Each school we went to was given an old bus token, I wonder if they still have them.

Ed Keogh,

ex-bus driver