Drivers are ignorant

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I would like to add my view about the recent census that everyone seemed so uptight about.

I, personally, do not blame the people who were handing out leaflets, nor do I blame the police for not handling the traffic a tad better, nor am I blaming our councillors, who never fail to surprise me.

Yes, maybe they could have posted them out?

I am, however, blaming each one of the clowns who have no patience whatsoever and continually proceeded to block each and every exit, roundabout, junction instead of waiting until the exit was clear.

However, you could post this letter every single day and it still wouldn’t get through to the great British public.

As my old dad always says: “You can’t educate ignorance.”

The problem is, there is absolutely no one who cares.

I would never be Prime Minister as I would have every junction, roundabout, traffic lights and most major roads camera controlled, fining each and everyone who ignores basic Highway Code rules.

No, I am not perfect but I do hold my hands up whenever I do wrong.

But like this incident, it will be repeated as no one learns by their mistakes.

Also as the bad weather approaches I guarantee you will see people driving with snow or frosted windows (which is another highway code rule).

I lose count of the amount of muppets who jump lights, and my personal pet hate is mobile phone use. What on earth is so important that can’t wait five or 10 minutes?

But who cares, it is the ‘it’ll never happen to me’ attitude.

Every time I open the Echo all I read is, drink-driver spared jail or thief spared jail, knifeman spared jail, thug spared jail, woman attacks pensioner for 34p, spared jail.

So what is the point?