Drastic actions need drastic measures

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Yet another hate-filled evil, bloodthirsty terrorist attack rips through mainland Britain killing and maiming innocent people out enjoying themselves, striking this time not in the capital but Manchester in the north of the country, proving that there’s nowhere safe and that these evil murdering scumbags are intent on committing there evil atrocities whenever and wherever they can.

Once again we have the politicians appearing on television spouting out meaningless platitudes of how the country will band together standing unbowed, unafraid, remaining strong and carrying on as though nothing’s happened, how the government will convene yet another Cobra meeting to discuss how they will deal with the threat of terrorism.

Well, speaking as a citizen I have to say that this just isn’t enough.

Time for talking is, and has been over for a long time. Drastic actions call for drastic measures.

It’s time that the security services are seen to be doing something more to combat this ever growing evil. Talk is cheap. The politicians need to realise that these acts of terrorism are effecting the British public, people are scared and have had enough, they don’t feel safe going about their everyday business.

It’s time we used the proverbial sledgehammer and smash the nut that is extremism and the sooner the better.

M McArdle

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