Dont’t just sit and moan

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Why does our country fall to pieces at the first sign of heavy rain?

I’m not talking about the flooding in villages and towns that are close to rivers, I’m talking about streets and roads miles away from anything even remotely wet being closed because of knee-deep water.

We live in Britain. All it does is rain here. Why aren’t we prepared for these conditions?

I’ve done quite a bit of travelling, including places with much more extreme weather than we get, but somehow they all manage to deal with it and carry on as normal.

Not us though, we sit and moan and act surprised when it starts raining heavily.

Einstein said the definition of madness is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result. That’s us.

It’s going to keep raining. It’s going to keep flooding. We’re going to keep moaning.

Why don’t we just do something about it?

Dave Black