Don’t give in, David

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What on earth is all the fuss about?

Have you watched the footage of the so-called ‘threat’David Moyes made the female reporter?

They were joking around for heaven’s sake. There was laughter at the comments, which were said in jest.

And what a bout the young lady in question?

Has she joined a Holy Order which requires her to take a vow of silence?

If not why can’t she open her mouth and put the world to rights?

As to the comment in the Daily Mail about Sunderland and Adam Johnson, why drag that dirt up?

Are the two incidents connected in some way?

The person responsible for the Adam Johnson affair has left the club and in any case, in this country one is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty and he protested his innocence remember.

But I digress. As to commentator, responding to the article, said “it’s actually a term of endearment in Glasgow”.

Couldn’t Moyes have pointed this out instead of trying to appease the unappeasable by apologising?

He’s done nothing wrong. Don’t give in, David, or the club. Stand firm.

But I must ask the FA, (tongue in cheek, in case the press hound me too) if you’re going to punish him how soon can he be banned for his comments?

The last time he was banished to the stands we won. Was that the last time we actually won too, against Palace?

Fred Browne