Dogs should not run free

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I would like to highlight the lack of respect of dog walkers in Bishopwearmouth Cemetery.

I regularly go to the cemetery to take flowers to family members graves.

However, there always seems to be people walking their dogs and in the past couple of weeks many people are letting their dogs off the lead allowing them to run over graves.

I have also witnessed dog owners letting their dogs foul next to graves and not picking it up.

I visited the cemetery on Wednesday, February 10, between 1pm to 2pm, there was a dog walker with four dogs. He took them into the fenced-off Jewish part of the cemetery and allowed the dogs to run all over the graves. This is a disgrace and a lack of respect.

I later witnessed an elderly couple with 2 shitzu dogs, and they let their dogs off the lead and they were running over all the graves. The elderly gentleman was even tossing a ball for the dogs.

I was so disgusted by the behavior of these dog owners that I rang the council to complain.

I do not think there is any reason for anyone to walk their dogs in a cemetery.

It shows a complete lack of respect for the dead and grieving families who have lost loved ones.

There are plenty of parks in Sunderland if dog owners want to let their dogs off the lead to run around, or even take your dog to the beach.

There is no credible arguement to take your dog for a walk in a cemetery.

If your dog needs a walk, walk it round the streets instead.

I can understand if people are visiting family graves and they take their dog with them on the lead, I think that is acceptable.

However, it might be best if all dogs are banned from cemeteries.

Dianne Kell