Dog foulers need to be fined

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After reading Richard Ord’s column on Wednesday about dog mess, I suggest he take a walk around Ryhope.

You will see dog mess everywhere especially around Ryhope graveyard.

I never leave my house without at least three plastic bags to pick up my dog’s mess but if you challenge a person who’s dog has pooed and has not been cleaned up all you get is abuse.

They turn round and say it’s none of my business, it’s their dog and their dog can poo wherever he wants.

Until the council starts fining these people it will not be stopped.

I’ve even offered people a plastic bag to clean up their dog’s poo but they just looked at me as if I’m mad or something.

My belief is that if you own a dog it’s your responsibility to clean up after it and not let other people walk into the dog’s mess.

Scott Andrews