Does profit come first?

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BEARING in mind we are asked to avoid going to A&E and to use 111.

On Sunday, July 26, about 1.50pm, I did this on behalf of my sister-in-law (74 years old) who was very poorly after a session of chemotherapy.

Giving all the details to 111, they rang Washington Primary Care but were told they would ring us with an appointment. At 3.50pm, I rang 111 again. They rang Washington Primary Care again and were told they would ring, they were busy.

I told 111 we were going to A&E. We were about to go out the front door when Grindon Primary Care rang asking if we needed a doctor.

We were seen within 20 minutes of arriving at the Grindon centre.

On July 15, my granddaughter had an accident at school. We took her to Washington Primary Care at 1pm and were seen at 3.15pm.

One thing I noticed in both centres, each has a mobile doctor’s car parked outside. Are these centres underfunded or understaffed like A&E or does profit come first?

To the 111 girls on shift that day (they must have phoned Grindon), I say thanks, well done, my sister-in-law is much better.

Evelyn Barron,