Do you think the elderly are ‘digital duckers’

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Here’s a new way to describe the elderly: Digital Duckers. This goes on my list along with Coffin Dodgers, Wrinklies and Bed Blockers.

I was listening to a BBC discussion about the reluctance of pensioners to embrace modern technology, especially digital radios.

Digital Duckers, like me, are allegedly holding up progress because we insist on listening to The Archers on FM radio.

Another opinion was that we’ll never become a cashless society unless old people use cards instead of popping into banks to draw out sums like £5 (you know who you are).

Well, there’s a gorgeous cashier works in my bank, and I’d rather get my dosh from her than a hole in the wall.

As for younger generations doing internet shopping – how else would an old codger like me fill in my day unless I’m wandering round the supermarket trying to fathom out how to work the self-service tills?

C J Napier