Do not involve NHS in politics

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What with all the current woes being suffered by the NHS, I think the time has come when the political football nature of the NHS has to stop.

The NHS has to be taken out of the political arena.

We are led to believe that all political parties want a strong and free NHS. If this is the aim how difficult should it be for all parties to come to a consensus on the way forward.

The NHS lurches from one set of election promises to the next without any clear long term plan.

The fact that we risk a change of government every five years means there is always the possibility of a change of direction in NHS objectives. This leads to the chaos that we are currently seeing within the service not to mention the massive waste of money, which inevitably results in a change of focus.

This has to stop otherwise sooner or later there will be no free health service. The cost of the alternative – private medical insurance – does not bear thinking about.

If the cost of this is an adjustment to taxes then it would be money well spent and would impact individuals far less than the previously mentioned alternative.

We have a health service that is admired and envied around the globe let us keep it that way.

John Blakey