Different for the farmers

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I’ve always believed it’s a person’s right to down tools and go on strike.

These decisions are never taken lightly, even though the governments make it out to be so.

In all my years, every dispute has been met with strong, even hateful, language from all governments and most of the media.

The arguments from both sides are always given but the unions’ perspective is never listened to, and the British public go along with it.

That is until the farmers’ union decided to protest and picket the supermarkets.

The media and Government are, rightly, sympathetic to these poor farmers.

There’s no police breaking up these illegal pickets, or Government Ministers proclaiming it’s all about market forces and telling the poor farmers they will have to retrain.

No, these farmers are exceptions or maybe picketing in green wellies instead of hobnail boots is more acceptable.

Ged Taylor