Death probes are needed

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George Howe wrote about the discipline and professionalism of the Army (January 13) with the assumption we should automatically support the Army regardless.

Recently a coroner was very critical of the Army over the cruel and unusual punishment called steaming.

A young solider died after this punishment – as his mother said, all because of a drunken prank with a fire extinguisher.

In the next few weeks we’re going to hear more horror stories about the bullying of young recruits at Deepcut Barracks.

Will we finally learn why Cheryl James died? What are senior officers up to?

For years the Parachute Regiment would not face the truth about the shootings on Bloody Sunday, 1972.

Eventually the Government was forced to apologise to the people of Derry.

Atrocities happen in war, and soldiers kill civilians. Deaths need to be investigated.

Charles Napier