Damage not all it seems

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I read with some interest the comments of prospective Conservative candidate Dominic McDonough on his complaint about the state of the pedestrian pavements in his ward (October 7), and I don’t know if he has a background of construction or civil engineering.

If he has, he should know that pedestrian pavements (excluding the red block verges) are designed for pedestrians, not vehicular traffic.

The red block areas on pavements are designed for “two wheel” loads only. Much of the damage to flagstones is due to people parking in these areas, illegally I suspect.

The pavements are often taken up by these inconsiderate drivers regardless of the inconvenience to others, wheelchair users for example, in addition to the damage they cause.

It should be emphasised this damage is paid for by us, the tax payers, in addition to the compensation claims quoted. Has Mr McDonough bothered to find out the total cost of repairs and compensation? If so, it wasn’t mentioned in the report.

I have no connection whatever with the city council, and have at times been its biggest critic, but I wonder if Mr McDonough has considered why there is so much damage?

Bob Gillan,

High Barnes