‘Cruel parade of mutants’ at Crufts

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Apparently the Kennel Club has introduced tough new health standards at Crufts, though it still looks like a cruel parade of mutant mutts.

Flat faced pugs and bulldogs (French or otherwise) a snorting and a snoring, apparently smiling you could surmise but, infact, are gasping not grinning. Their airways compressed and a life expectancy of barely five years, the owner faces huge vet bills to keep them alive.

We breed them too short faced, too heavy, too small, too long faced, too wrinkly, too bald, too tall. Sixty percent of dobermans die of genetic heart disease while pugs cant’ reach round to clean themselves.

This year’s Crufts winner, an American cocker spaniel, named Afterglow Miami Ink, open to ridicule I think after coming first in ‘Best gundog’ with his long trailing coat, couldn’t retrieve a downed bird from a wide water filled moat.

Ken Johnson