Criticism of Sunderland Council justified

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Mr Quinn criticises me for taking the council to task for increasing the Telecare charges to elderly people by some 70%.

He accuses me of being hypocritical because of the Government imposed cuts.

Everyone has the right to express their opinion, however, in this case I remind him of the monumental waste of taxpayer’s money by the council he is protecting.

Does Mr Quinn recall the burst of propaganda by the city council when it boasted about the opening of the Software centre in 2013?

It was to create a mini silicon valley, putting Sunderland on the map.

The centre strategically placed on a former car park, was built at a cost of £9million and now after four years one third of the space is still empty.

The Software Centre has, to date, lost £992,789.

Following that waste of money, we have the £700,000 spent on the Vaux site car park, which only raised £70,000.

The much vaunted Air Show is losing money hand over fist and is now back in the control of the council following disastrous management by Sunderland Live.

Then we have the council subsidy to the Empire, which is costing the council £247,8300 a year to survive.

If that wasn’t enough we have the Stadium of Light receiving thousands of pounds to bring gigs to the city.

The closure of several libraries, including Fulwell library, says much for the city’s aspirations to gain the City of Culture award when the city library in Fawcett Street cost £500,000 before being moved back to the museum.

To conclude the council’s list of generosity, it gives Unison £258,697 for facility time (whatever this means) in this year’s budget.

Coun George Howe,

Fulwell ward