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As a reader of the Sunderland Echo I would like to comment on the general situation regarding rubbish around streets particularly back lanes. I have lived in houses in Sunderland with back lanes for 75 years so have plenty of experience.

The council collection is spot on, and has been a great service for many many years. We’ve all seen these hard working, courteous, pleasant grafters trotting after the wagon in all weathers, winter and summer. The clean team and the office staff are also extremely helpful.

The people responsible for the mess in the streets and back lanes are a minority of residents, without exception. The front streets are for small items such as half eaten pizzas, Chinese and Indian take aways, chips, half empty yoghurts, empty or nearly empty fruit drinks, fresh eggs (all grades) which adhere nicely to doors and walls, cans of pop, plastic cola bottles, paper, rope, bicycle parts (531 tubing), school jotters, the list is endless.

The back lane is for the larger items, two and three seater sofas, chairs, bench and upright fridges, mattress (a selection of sizes), carpets (large and small), pigeon cree, (minus pigeons) metal parts(copper pipe included), many bulging black plastic sacks, six foot x three foot metal parallel bars (nice abbs), doors (hardwood and softwood) name it and its been there.

I remove fridge doors only to see them refitted by five year olds who don’t understand suffocation, recycling bins packed with domestic waste which won’t be taken away and pose a threat of fire. The council do attempt to educate these people with the apparently complex issues of which colour bin to use, what to put in them, and the day of collection, which seems to be beyond their understanding.

Keep up this excellent service, lads and lasses from the cleansing department and don’t get disheartened from this wave of abuse which you have to put up with. Nil Desperandum.

David Pickering,