Council must try harder

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I’d love to say that this year’s illuminations are really great, but at the age of 73 I doubt I’ll live long enough.

My visit turned into a bit of a disaster. My disabled badge got me within easier walking distance of the park. The only problem was the gate was locked, as were all gates except two gates on Whitburn Road – one entrance, one exit.

After a struggle I gained entrance.

The first 100 yards or so show lights static. Further on the old tap, which was usually in Park Road, this had moving light like water falling. We proceed, pushed by the crowd, past the blocked bridge, on to the pond with its sort of light display; around with the flow, past a queue to a grotto (I missed), past the back gate with guard – open only for ‘exits’ and down to the bandstand.

Bandstand area had two food sellers and two more by the toilets. The kids’ park had no flashing roundabouts as in the past. Inside the park the lights are restricted from 4pm to 9.30pm, after which the place is in darkness.

You would think that for our illuminations (such as they are) they could be in use until midnight. It is late, but that is what kids live for – one night they are not in bed by 7pm. Time to lark about, hot dogs, ice-cream, general playing at night. However they are all on their way home by 9pm to 9.30pm, which pleases the council and security who want to be home or in the pub. Fun fair, food proprietors must close early too.

Blackpool it is not, and never will be, but the council could try harder.

Even down on the lower promenade the shops are closed by 9.30pm.

How pathetic, poor shop owners wasting yet another night.

Mr J A Stott,