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In a bid to scare the Euro sceptics, North East MEPs will say anything to slow down the British public’s move towards the EU exit door. They say that if we leave the EU we lose the European Market.

Recent events have highlighted the catastrophe of a Europe without borders, the impossibility of a one size fits all currency and the sheer folly of a single parliament to cater for 28 sovereign states. There are half a billion people and countless cultures today (who knows how many tomorrow) looking for a lead which always comes from Frau Merkel.

When the watchword is devolution, micro government if you like, why do we accept this arms length, inappropriate EU legislation and its undemocratic politics?

The argument that the EU would cease to trade with a GB out side of the EU is far fetched, while our balance of trade with them grows ever more in EU favour.

Would we stop buying BMWs if Germany left the EU? No. Would Nissan forgo its best performing production lines and very favourable government assistance in UK? No. And Hitachi is here for the same reasons that attracted Nissan.

Personally, I think we get better value from the local council but perhaps Jude and Paul could give some examples of how they have influenced EU policies to the benefit of the North East of England.

Denis Gillon