Corbyn gives straight reply

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Hasn’t it been a long time coming watching the young, old and disenfranchised people of this country awakening to the new Jeremy Corbyn Labour Party.

Crushed by Thatcher, burned by Blair, the Labour Party now seems to be moving to being a party that’s a more decent, honest and fair party.

Even if you disagree with Jeremy’s politics, you can’t argue the fact he never wavered from any of his beliefs, and gives a straight answer without resorting to name calling.

Remember the Iraq war, Jeremy and a handful of MPs marched with a million ordinary people trying to stop that illegal war.

Unlike most MPs, he doesn’t own loads of houses, and line his pockets with false expenses claims, and don’t believe the press he’s a supporter of business, but not in the pocket of any of them.

He’s been an MP for many years steadfastly representing his constituents and, hopefully, as a prime minister he can represent us all.

Ged Taylor,