Consult the people for the good of Seaburn

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I am writing in respect of the plans by Sunderland Council and Property Developer Siglion for Seaburn.

We all want to see our much loved sea front developed to a high standard with first class amenities e.g. a leisure centre for all groups, a fairground to be as good as others in the country, new swimming pool for all family members, not like the Aquatic Centre, a new indoor bowling centre, a replacement for our beloved Seaburn Hall, dancing old time and modern, keeping fit and meeting new friends and of course Sunday night Starlight Shows, singers and musicians, rock, pop, country and western and classical, could also show their talents. Seaburn could once again be the place where a lot of people would want to come to. This would, of course, include people with their families from surrounding areas who, as always, would be given a warm welcome. And, of course in partnership with Roker Marina we could have water activities galore.

In my opinion, as someone along with my wife and family who were born and bred in Sunderland, we would all like to see first class facilities like the ones I’ve mentioned, but we, like a lot of other people, do not want to see what would be a new housing estate included.

I would just like to conclude by saying Sunderland has always been the jewel in Sunderland’s crown. To Katie Sully, Director, Siglion, and to our City Council I would say, with all due respect, don’t rush into anything, speak to the people and hopefully you get it right, because in my humble opinion if you don’t, the good people of Sunderland would never forgive you am certainly would never forget you.

To the locals at Fulwell and Seaburn, Councillors George Howe and Bob Francis and all involved with the ‘Save Seaburn Group’ my family support you 100%.

An an ex-army veteran I would just like to conclude by saying: ‘If we have to have a battle about our beloved Seaburn, it will be a battle we cannot afford to lose.’

Andrew Nelson,