Conservative Party needs to split in two

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It must be obvious to all students of history that the Tory Party has now reached one of those points in our nation’s life when it must split in two.

This has happened before to the Conservatives and to other parties.

During the repeal of the Corn Laws because of the great debate on free trade the Conservative Party split in two.

One half of the party survived and lived to fight another day.

David Cameron and Theresa May have tried to keep the Conservative Party together.

It is clear the country is now paying a very high price for this.

It is inevitable the Conservative Party will split.

Mr Cameron and Mrs May have managed to delay that split with referendums and u-turns but this can go on no longer.

No one wishes to see a coalition between the DUP and the Conservative Party.

For the good of the country the split must come now.

It has been clear for 20 years to any objective bystander, no one single party can contain both Ken Clarke and the euro-sceptics.

The answer to our country’s problems are to be found in our history.

The Conservative Party must split now and the people must be afforded the opportunity to decide which one of the two opposing views of ‘conservatism’ has a future.

Nigel Boddy,

Former Holyrood parliamentary researcher