Concern over closure

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After reading of the plight of the Sunderland High School here at Ashbrooke over the last couple of weeks, and the forthcoming closure of this prime school, I was wondering: Why is the new school being closed, to keep three or four older buildings open?

Would it not make more sense to keep the Ashbrooke school open and close the older ones in Mowbray Road, or are there plans afoot to sell the Ashbrooke Road school and the extensive grounds off to developers, I wonder?

Planning permission would be no problem. You just need to look at the permission given to the likes of Williamson Hall in a so-called conservation area at the Cloisters. Unless, of course, you are a single house holder then, by golly, you will get nowhere with these people at the Civic Centre.

We are told in a booklet by the city council that Ashbrooke is the largest conservation area in the country, fact. Why was it then, when the building company bulldozed over a 180 feet of wall, bordering the Limes sports field, to the ground, this was reported to the conservation department, nothing was done. This multi-million pound company was allowed to put a cheap fence in its place when building Williamson Hall.

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