Comments about Sunderland's Peacock pub 'pinkos' certainly ruffled a few feathers

Managers Dan Luke and Amy Willis outside The Peacock pub, formerly the Londonderry, in Sunderland city centre.
Managers Dan Luke and Amy Willis outside The Peacock pub, formerly the Londonderry, in Sunderland city centre.
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Feathers were flying among our readers in response to a letter labelling vistors to Sunderland's new Peacock pub as "Guardian-reading pinko sociologists".

Cameron Marshall's comments on the Echo's Your Feedback page - in which he also described the city centre bar's clientele as "trendy hirsute posers" - were dismissed as "nonsense" and "narrow-minded".

Readers on our Facebook page also questioned Mr Marshall's use of the word "sociologists" and suggested he meant "socialists" instead.

The author, however, joined the online debate and insisted he knew what he was talking about while stressing his description was "tongue-in-cheek".

Among the first to defend the pub, which was previously the Londonderry, was John Chappell, who wrote: "I was in there yesterday, the atmosphere was awesome and the place is an

absolute credit to Sunderland.

"He's probably one of those types who bemoans Sunderland having nothing decent. Budget boozers are ten a penny in the city centre, more places like The Peacock please!"

Tom Booth added: "What a complete dinosaur that bloke is. What holds Sunderland back? Luddites like him.

"I was dragged up in Southwick and choose decent pubs like The Dun Cow and all the other 'have you seen how much a pint is?!!!' bars."

Alyson Wardle said: "No, he isn't right but, let's face it, I doubt that he would listen to an opposing view.

"It's beautifully finished, the food is lovely, the staff were keen and the whole experience was good.

"It's not a cheap bar, why should it be? If the only reason to go to a bar is cheap drinks that's a personal decision, I'm prepared to pay a little more for nice surroundings and a different

type of experience. To each their own."

Alison Mason said of Mr Marshall's comments: "Pathetic. I think it's a great idea. What a dinosaur. A narrow-minded person who can't accept progress.

"By the way, what is wrong with reading The Guardian? He should stick to the comic newspapers with a reading age of 10."

Paul Jeffries wrote: "I was in last night and it's much much better than what it was. I prefer a pub with a huge selection of beers so it suits me. Give me craft ale anytime."

Keiran Fleming added: "I hope it succeeds, the Derry always seemed the type of place that if you weren't in the place everyday all day, you were stared out of it!"

Mick Smith was among the Facebook commentators who thought "the writer of this nonsense meant socialists".

But Mr Marshall insisted his remarks were "tongue-in-check" and replied with: "If I'd meant socialists I'd have put socialists. I've never had much time for sociologists as one of the least

rigorous social sciences which is why I mentioned them in my rant."

So what do you think? Has Mr Marshall sparked a new debate by describing sociology as "one of the least rigorous social sciences"?

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