Club will sink into oblivion

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Well, another manager bites the dust.

We have now gone through six managers in four years.

Those at the top have a lot to answer for, given the huge mess the club is in.

While owner Ellis Short has put a lot of money into the club, I feel that he hasn’t a clue on how to run a Premiership club.

The biggest mistake he has made along with all the failures he has appointed as managers, is letting Niall Quinn go.

Quinn has a huge knowledge of the game, and many contacts. He was the perfect ambassador for the club, and would never have let the club get in this mess.

It is clear that Dick Advocaat was given broken promises regarding transfer money and signings. Yes, he made mistakes, but players were signed either too late, and were clearly not fit for the start of the season.

It is time for Ellis Short to appoint people to his board of directors who actually know about the game. Not people who are just good with figures.

There is only one thing which is big about our great club, and that’s the fans. We will still be here long after this bunch clears off.

For heaven’s sake sort out this big mess before this great club of ours falls through the relegation trapdoor and into oblivion.

Clive Lee