Club needs to get it right

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Now that the resignation of Chief Executive Margaret Byrne has left a vacancy, this is the perfect opportunity to bring in someone who actually knows the game inside out.

The favourite among the fans is Niall Quinn.

He was responsible for bringing in the Drumaville consortium, with much-needed finance to keep them afloat when money was sparse.

He was also responsible for bringing in present owner Ellis Short.

There have been far too many blunders, when it comes to running the club.

We have appointed a manager accused of being a fascist, which caused a media storm, also great unrest among supporters, the people who matter when it comes to making decisions. Without them the club would not exist.

As in any business, the golden rule is never bite the hand that feeds you.

Sunderland fans have had to put up with far too many years without success. Yet, they still turn up week in week out. I maybe contradicted, and told that the mega TV deals worth billions of pounds run the game now, and clubs will say they don’t really need the fans money to finance their clubs. Football, however would be in a sorry state without them.

The chief executive has got to be right this time.

We are approaching yet again one of the most important episodes in the history of the club – a relegation battle.

The club needs some stability, and Ellis Short needs to think long and hard about this appointment.

It has to be a person, who actually knows the game inside out, and an excellent communicator, not only with the media, the manager, players, but most important the fans.

Time after time the club has ignored them and taken them for granted. Keep on doing it and eventually they will turn on you, and abandon you in big numbers.

Over to you, Mr Short. For heaven’s sake, get it right this time.

Clive Lee