Closure is a real shame

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I am so sorry to see that the steel works is to close in Redcar.

I am nearly 91 years old and it reminds me of when my late husband worked for Washington Engineering Company.

He was there all his life, apart from his service in the Royal Armoured Corps.

He said that he put his job at risk when he went to his bosses and said that he would not be responsible for the quality of the industrial radiators after the firm began importing foreign steel.

There were more radiators scrapped than were passed.

The company did eventually change back to British steel.

Mr Osbourne seems obsessed with all things Chinese at the moment.

He should pay heed to that old saying, which says that if you put rubbish in then you get rubbish out.

I feel very sorry for all the people who will be losing their jobs.

Maud Robson,

Shiney Road