City has a lot of work to do

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As Sunderland applies for City of Culture, I feel we have a lot to do before the appearance of the city is up to standard.

On Wednesday, September 16, I attended a wedding in the Mowbray Suite at the Civic Centre.

Although the Mowbray Suite itself was very nice, and the registrar was excellent, very friendly and helpful, the rest left a lot to be desired.

Anyone arriving via the car park in Burdon Road would be quite shocked.

I was appalled at the state of the place.

Paint flakes dropping from the ceiling, big cracks in the walls, quite intimidating.

Then the walk up to the main entrance, bear in mind this should be the showcase for visiting dignitaries to the city, we accounted a number of steps made up of tiles losing the cement from around them, so much so that I lost both tips from the heels of my shoes.

Let’s hope you have some contingency plan or I cannot see us being successful at all in this bidding.

June Finley,