City deserves better service

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It seems that every week we see Labour councillors crying crocodile tears and blaming Government for cuts to front line services.

This old excuse really is wearing rather thin.

Sunderland Council continues to pour millions of pounds into ‘vanity projects’ and calamitous mistakes. A few of these include the ‘new bridge’, which cost taxpayers £2million, a capital of culture bid and thousands paid for trips and falls on broken pavements.

Meanwhile, we have crumbling pavements, a city centre that looks like a ghost town and a children’s services department that has let down the most vulnerable young people in our city.

If Sunderland Council was a business it would have been closed down years ago.

It amounts to a lack of efficiency and common sense.

We desperately need to focus on the services that matter and get value for money for taxpayers.

Elections are just around the corner and it’s time to give the Labour Party a wake up call.

The Labour Party has destroyed Sunderland and insist on playing politics with front line services, cutting them while spending vast sums on projects to score political points against the Government.

Sunderland is an incredible place with incredible people. We are proud of our city but we must stand up and demand better.

We deserve better services, a focus on the essentials and a council with passion for Sunderland.

The only way to get it is to vote for it.

Dominic McDonough,

St Chad’s Conservative